A kickstarter program that you need to gain the basic command of the English language.

What is KEMPT?

It is a program that make you gain English language skills that you require to have the doors of knowledge and experience opened for you. The program aims to have students be prepared to enter KEEN. In this series of courses, students should be able to demonstrate understanding of vocabulary, how to look it up and how to comprehend. They will be able to demonstrate use of sentence elements and structure it into sentences. Also, being able to demonstrate listening skills and reading skills which will allow them to progress to the next level.


Oraib Al Fozan
Oraib Al Fozan

English Instructor and Educational Consultant
Founder of Art of Language

More Details

Through KEMPT, we aim to develop the four main skills of the English language. Listening, speaking, reading and writing through an interactive course that is tailored made for you. Our targeted audience is high school students from 9th to 12th grade.

Timings and Duration

KEMPT will be offered during an intensive period of four weeks. it will be held three times a week (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday) for a period of two hours. An additional two hours will be hosted on a Saturday for those who feel they need more follow up and assistance with elementary basics to keep up with flow of the course.

We will be starting soon inshallah; whenever we do we will be annoucing on our Instagram. You can sign up and we will contact you at the earliest time possible.

“Get a kickstarter to a better tomorrow, today!”

Oraib Al Fozan

or call us if you like!


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