Introducing KEEN program

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Yes, it can be easy

we will make your college experience successful, and make you the best skillful student.

A development course to prepare high school and college students for the university. It works on equipping students with all the skills needed to overcome any academic obstacles and duties.

A 20-hour program spread across a month

  • 2 times a week
  • 3 hours on Monday
  • 2 hours on Wednesday

The program works on providing the participant with several skills, amounting to 9 important skills for their academic and social life.


The trainers implement several different activities, including workshops, lectures whose focus is to provide the participant with the skills to be acquired during the program.


Oraib Al Fouzan: Educational Consultatnt

Fatma AlShamali: Occupational Therapist

Danah Al Khashan: Life Coach

Fahad AlQabandi: Certified Trainer

Hussein AlAjouz: TedX Speaker

KEEN is unique in it’s own nature. An experience of one to one, focused, concentrated training program designed especially for youth.

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