JOURNEY I, Acanthe School of Etiquette, 2020

What is JOURNEY?

An experience that is put together in a one-month intense program that is uniquely made to combine real-life experiences with lifelong knowledge.

Why join?

Because you want to be prepared for life and acquire all the tools that enable you to unlock all opportunities of life.

What can I get? and how?

You will acquire 13 sets of skills that enable you to become successful in life and your career. Through intensive 4 weeks, you will be trained by the best influential instructors that believe in you and the change you will implement. On top of that, you will get the chance to experience real-life work situations that will give you the chance to be ready for your future.


The program is run during winter/spring breaks. Two weeks during the break and the other two during your second academic semester. You will attend your internship during the mornings time and from 5 PM sharp to 9 PM, you will be in the designated location of the lecture/workshop. Yes, full days.

Pledges can only be accepted after succeeding in the interview. Apply through the “join” button above and we will contact you for the interview.

JOURNEY III: to be announced

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can always build our youth for the future”

-Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The journey will build a true young professional leader within the potential member. Join a memorable experience of a lifetime with Kappa Epsilon.